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Tourism and the hospitality industry is an umbrella covering a sea of fun and exciting careers, from being a General Manager of a luxurious hotel in Bangkok, food and beverage manager on a high-end cruise line to preparing signature dish at a top-end restaurant in France. The Hospitality industry has some of the most lucrative and glamorous jobs opportunities.

Hospitality is one of the fastest and constantly growing industries in the world today. Hotels, events, travel and tourism, luxury services, food services customer services, and other related segments fall under hospitality management. Globalization has had a positive influence in the Hospitality industry. Among all these sectors, travel, and tourism are the largest contributors to the world economy. Today, hospitality management jobs are diverse, evolving to new trends and in high-demand because of the immense growth that the industry has seen in recent past years.

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, the travel and tourism industry contributed a whopping $ 8.3 trillion to the global economy in 2018 and generated 31.9 crore jobs. Travel and tourism in India supported 4.1 crore jobs in 2017. It is projected to support 40 crore jobs globally by 2028. This means that the Travel and Tourism Industry will contribute to 25% of the global job creation.

The hospitality industry owing to its presence in various sectors and unique educational model based on experiential learning or hands-on learning creates manifolds opportunity and a wide range of choices to students with a degree or diploma in hospitality management in the multiple sectors sector they want to work in. The skills taught in college include problem-solving and decision making, planning, delegation, communications, social & dining etiquette, and managing yourself. These basic skills are also the foundation from which to develop more advanced practices in management and leadership. These skills in leadership or administration functions opens the multiple doors in the hospitality sector and to other customer-oriented sectors such as Chef, Food & Beverage, Housekeeping, Front Office, Bakery, Guest Relation, and also in Airlines Cabin Crew, Airport Ground Staff jobs, Food& Beverage Entrepreneur, Professional Taster, banking, media, insurance, sales & marketing Cruise lines, Luxury Trains, Amusement Parks, Event Planner, Wedding Coordinator, Retail Sector, Armed Forces, Travel & Tour operator, Multiplex, etc. Hospitality management professionals work their way up through General Manager, Director, Vice-President in the different sectors because the hospitality experience is often highly valued.

Jobs offered by the hospitality industry are never dull. In fact, hospitality management jobs are one of the most exciting ones in the world. Hospitality management careers not only help you socialize, network, travel but they also provide you with dynamic opportunities to grow within the organization personally and professionally. Many of our alumni are leaders of some of the world’s most successful companies. The successes of our alumni are evidence of your dedication to exceptional quality education. At NIPS Hospitality education is the gateway to WORLD OF OPPORTUNITIES.

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What if you could get paid to taste ice-cream or chocolates or how about travel the world in cruise liners and get paid or working amidst exotic landscapes & wildlife in South Africa, or showing creative skills on a stunning beach of Caribbean island. Sounds impossible dreams, not with us. . After all, the best things happen to those who join NIPS...

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How about having breakfast in Dubai, lunch in London, and Dinner at New York in one day or traveling to a new country every morning without spending a penny. Careers in hospitality education promise a lifestyle filled with excitement, fame, fortune, and the chance to explore the world. It seems like the perfect chance to make money and visit the world's ...

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The success of our alumni all over the world provides testimonials of how their theory & practical education & training at NIPS college have changed their lives. Today NIPS Alumni internationally are accomplishing their dreams and reaching beyond boundaries.

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