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Education is the key to success in life and good teachers make a lasting impact on the lives of their students. For many students, teachers are the role model of their life. NIPS Hotel Management Institute is home to many international fame celebrity teachers. Their strong personality, global experience, and high-quality credentials make a positive impact on the personality, academic & career growth of a student. We at NIPS understand that the future success of students has its roots in the present teaching. We educate and engage students in different case studies that offer them opportunities to make decisions and solve problems. We help students become thoughtful thinkers and learners, provide strategies to help them process information effectively, to be self-confident, and inculcate a belief that they have the ability to succeed at a global platform. NIPS faculty members equip students with creative, imaginative, intellectual, emotional, social, and humane abilities. In the fast-growing world of technology, communication, economy, environment, and political change, our responsible teachers prepare students with a modern and cosmopolitan outlook, informative ability, yet humane and rich cultural values of India. The important life lesson taught at NIPS campuses helps students, beyond their classroom and goes well into the future. The impact of correct knowledge skills to their learning helps them in earning Global Passport to dream International Successful Career in India and Abroad and to be future leaders in their field of interest.

  • Chef Joseph Uttam Gomes

    Deputy Director

    Awarded Chef of Year thrice in a row. His rich 40 years experience in World Cuisine from all over the world has inspired innumerable students to grow as an Executive Chef. Chef Gomes is a popular face on Television Culinary shows. He is the judge to several Cookery Show and Guest speakers to quite a lot of TV show has encouraged many students to take up Chef as career & profession. His articles have been published in many newspaper & international Magazines. As a passionate teacher, he brings positive energy into the classroom every single day.

  • Ranabir Ray

    Asst. Director

    A successful leader and passionate teacher with an experience of 25 years in his stride. He is highly motivated with a proven ability to develop students’ entrepreneurship skills by providing strategic direction, diverse perspectives, and applying logical analytical abilities. Widely travelled India & abroad, well networked, highly successful in achieving target oriented results. He is a food connoisseur with in-depth knowledge and understanding, awareness and appreciation for the whole spectrum of wine, as well as other alcoholic and non-alcohol.

  • Samrat Dutta

    Academic Head

    A Food & Beverage intellect and academician, with a glorious career spanning over two and a half decades. He was well-traveled around the world with extensive international knowledge in social & dining etiquette. His broad understanding of cross-cultural experience helps students in academic success. An expert in Hospitality and Services Design, Management and Operations along together with International Cuisine & Beverages. Being the Head of an Academic Department he provides strong academic leadership to ensure it achieves the highest possible standards of excellence in all its activities.

  • Chef Afaque Ahmed

    A Gifted Chef and expert in chocolatier and sugar sculptor, a professional pâtissier and trainer and alumni of NIPS. A highly decorated Culinary Artiste with magical excellence in the field of baking. Recipient of prestigious Chef and Leader of the year twice in a row. His Taj, The Park, and Carnival cruise job experience spanning around 148 countries make it possible to learn baking styles of the world. His unique style and knowledge of baking art earned him the title of “Magic Baker”.

  • Pradyut Saha

    A highly qualified teacher with more than 2 decades of extensive experience in the field of Hotel operations. His extraordinary expertise in student counseling and career guidance makes him one of the most loved and desired mentors in the field of hospitality education. His excellent public relation skills are one of the most specialized skills that he looks forward to inculcating in all his mentees.

  • Diwakar Kumar

    He is a specialist cruise line guest handling and food & beverage operation . With a vast experience on all leading cruise lines and a career spanning over a decade across 142 countries makes him Master Sommelier. His long term association with Oberoi, Costa Cruise-Genoa Italy; Royal Caribbean- Mami USA and other international cruise lines has brought extraordinary exposure to teaching in multicultural service standards have made him a benchmark when it comes to training and mentorship.

  • Chef Philem Romesh Singh

    The Master artist in continental cuisine with vast and vivid experience with Accor Group, Sahara Hospitality, and Carnival Cruise stretching over 15 years across multiple brands, multiple cultures, multiple specialties, and around 107 countries. He is a master mentor with a unique style of experimental cooking and fusion. Undoubtedly one of the best cruise line trainers in the country.

  • Michael Anthony

    He is highly qualified with nearly 40 years of teaching experience in English. An outstanding teacher who inspires and motivates students to achieve their best. As an effective classroom practitioner, he has extensive subject knowledge, a passion for English, and the ability to give constructive oral and written feedback to pupils. His friendly nature encourages students to communicate effectively with ease and develop their language skills.

  • Suvojit Ghoshal

    A well-reputed Rooms division professional with a dynamic skill set. A great aesthetic sense and a good amount of experience from The Park Group and Arvind’s group makes him the master of his profession. An outstanding housekeeper with a great eye for detail in room accommodation. He is an expert in room lighting and décor designing with very high mentoring standards.

  • Reema Xalxo

    A rooms division pro with an exposure of about decades in the Travel & hospitality industry. She has gained immense knowledge in front office reports compilation for management, including occupancy report & financial information by virtue Front office job with Hyatt and Accor hotels. She holds a compassionate and caring personality, with a specialized handler of critical situation and guest experience analysis.

  • Aditi Parmar Singh

    A Front Office professional with vast experience in the industry with leading multinational hospitality brands. A passionate hospitality trainer and well acquainted with current corporate grooming. In-depth knowledge in all front desk activities, including calls, reservations, and guest services. A passionate mentor inculcating the best of her knowledge and experience to her mentees.

  • Ayan Mukhopadhyay

    A Highly decorated housekeeper with experience over a decade both in operations as well as hospitality education. He is responsible for the training and development of students. His long term association with the hospitality industry and varied network make him a well known professional. He ensures that students stay competent with up-to-date skill for their current and future jobs prospect.

  • Banteihun Mary Lyngdoh

    A gold medallist Hospitality professional, shilling with a strong academic as well as a professional background a certified and highly celebrated hospitality and tourism trainer with a dual specialization of Front Office and Food and Beverage service. As a Front Office professional she specialize in accommodation and transportation requirements of a traveller and coach students on visas regulation, immunizations, and travel safety etc.

  • Chef Pratip Nath

    The culinary champion has traveled across 133 countries and developed himself as a true master of his profession. His long term association with Princess cruise lines and world great chef makes him one of the best Indian fusion cuisine experts. Chef possesses the instinct to blend ingredients and flavours to derive the desired taste to the liking of the guest.

  • Heena Rani Nayak

    A highly trained academician in Food & Beverage service with exposure over a decade in teaching. Her job experience in Taj & Mayfair group of hotels has helped her in an extensive understanding of how food and drink should be sourced, prepared, stored and presented in hotels, restaurant, bars, banquet, events, etc, set-up aids student to handle management level positions once they are on the job. Her teaching is also based on case studies which involve managing individuals and respond to problems quickly as they arise.

  • Corryva Khongsit

    A dignified rooms division professional with experience from Oberoi Hotels. Her specialists include Hotel housekeeping analytics accounts to optimize entire hotel property operations, cutting costs, saving time, and increasing guest satisfaction. A career guidance counsellor helps students with resume writing, teaching interview techniques, and body language. She guides students in setting their realistic career goals and develops an individual’s competencies in self-knowledge, educational, and career planning.

  • Krushna Chandra Jati

    A travel and tourism lecturer with experience over a decade in the industry. His expertise includes tourism management, tour operation, airline management, airline ticketing, travel administration, etc. His knowledge in World Geography, Communication and customer service skills, Sales skills, Organizational skills, Marketing strategies, Travel, and transportation planning helps to shape their careers for tomorrow.

  • Indranil Maulik

    He is a techno-management enthusiast, and his entire career reflects this passion for information technology. A highly experienced software programmer, career continuing over s.pan of 3 decades in the field of information technology His teaching philosophy is oriented towards providing state-of-the-art practical knowledge to the students Management Information System. Highly updated with the current trends of programming and technologies.

  • Himansu Nayak

    A culinary artist with a piece of vast knowledge in the field of culinary arts. His association with Ramada and Le Meridian (Marriott) has earned him the title of “Master of Spices”, because of his major competency in the Indian cuisine. He is creative, innovative and always experimenting on the basis of his vast knowledge.

  • Simon Rozario

    A hardcore Front office professional with an extremely dynamic career graph with a great amount of work experience from Indigo Airlines, Shangri la Hotels, Leela group of hotels and Marriott group. A specialist in the field of guest management, revenue management and long term association with Indigo airlines makes him experienced aviation trainer.

  • Simang Basumatary

    A highly experienced hospitality skills trainer with a vast experience in vocational training and development. His strength lies on using economic principles to identify successful strategies in different market settings by using different methods of advertising and promotion, public relations, market research, and consumer behavior. His teaching focuses on developing student knowledge in specific area to have confidence and ability to express themselves.

  • Ashutosh Panda

    An extremely well trained F&B professional with a wide range of wonderful experience with Novotel Hotel and Oberoi hotels. He is highly specialized in the segment of banquet operations and service standards. He is an expert in mass guest handling and catering management which is one of the most prime portfolios of a hotel. His lecture aims to develop students passion for Food and beverage and impart them with the relevant theory and practical hands on knowledge.

  • Ananya Ghosh

    An MBA with HR and Marketing as specialisation and expert in the field of corporate management training. She has earned dual degree Management and Fashion designing. Her teaching combines managerial skills with creativity for current and future requirement of industry. She uses empirical and game theoretic tools in her lesson plan which creates great impact on students logical and out of box thinking.

  • Pratyush Pattnaik

    A very dynamic housekeeping professional with over a decade of experience with ITC Welcome Group, Oberoi and Leela as one of the excellent housekeepers in town with an avid eye for detail and a specialized expert in Floral art and horticulture. With a keen interest in training and development he is one of the most experienced housekeeping trainers in the industry.

  • Wellborn Kharmunid

    A highly experienced hospitality skills trainer with a vast experience in vocational training and development. A caring mentor and a trusted counselor. His student-centric approach to critical thinking and problem solving effectively in the classroom makes him a highly appreciated and loved teacher and a marketing professional.

  • Sanghamitra Nayar

    A business communication specialist with a vast experience in training and development in leading corporate houses. As an Instructor, she inspires students to achieve goals and successfully navigating challenges through effective communications. Her training methodology makes her a unique and wonderful trainer.

  • Subroto Roy Chowdhury

    A true hospitality veteran with a total experience of over 40 years including 18 years as a hospitality trainer in multiple dynamics of hospitality. Being a veteran Hotel engineering & maintenance, he has had the opportunity to work in Vasant Continental and ITDC hotels which have made him to have a key grip in all the departments both core operations as well as ancillary ones.

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