At NIPS success has been taken as a way of life. The students have proved their mettle in almost every field. The Institute developed a student’s true potential by encouraging their passion and promoting their natural talents.

There is as such no dearth of talent at NIPS. By participating in national & international competition students have brought many achievements and glory to college. Students have earned many laurels & accolades by winning many prizes and awards in different categories. The young, ignited minds are the greatest asset of the college. NIPS encourage & promote the student’s learners’ spirit to explore and discover more. Competitions play a role in motivating students to perform and excel. Participating in competition offer a chance for students to gain substantial experience, display their skills, analyze, evaluate outcomes, and unearth personal aptitude and self-confidence. Competitions also encourage students to adopt innovative methods and develop their leadership ideas for improved performance. Our achievements are shaped by the strength of the foundations we set. Apart from participating in events other than hotel management related NIPS students also excel in another field also such as Sports, Public Speaking activities like Debates and Extempore, Street Plays, General and Subjective Quiz etc. Our achievements are shaped by the strength of the foundations we set. NIPS teachers are committed to student’s excellence. We understand that competition inspires students to do their best. When students compete they become more inquisitive, research independently, and learn to work with others. These abilities prepare children to face all future situations. The ability to be competitive will give them an important edge reaching the top. Congratulations to all achievers!

The best jobs in the worls

What if you could get paid to taste ice-cream or chocolates or how about travel the world in cruise liners and get paid or working amidst exotic landscapes & wildlife in South Africa, or showing creative skills on a stunning beach of Caribbean island. Sounds impossible dreams, not with us. . After all, the best things happen to those who join NIPS...

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Dream Destinations

How about having breakfast in Dubai, lunch in London, and Dinner at New York in one day or traveling to a new country every morning without spending a penny. Careers in hospitality education promise a lifestyle filled with excitement, fame, fortune, and the chance to explore the world. It seems like the perfect chance to make money and visit the world's ...

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Alumni ProfilesAlumni Profiles

The success of our alumni all over the world provides testimonials of how their theory & practical education & training at NIPS college have changed their lives. Today NIPS Alumni internationally are accomplishing their dreams and reaching beyond boundaries.

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