Awards & Recognitions

NIPS Hotel Management Institute has continued its tradition of being recognized and honored for its dedication to quality and excellence. The College, the faculty and the students has received numerous awards, accolades and accreditations from the state, national, and International organizations that confirm the college’s global dominance among the best colleges in the nation and international level. The Awards & Achievements received by our school has not only enriched the glory of the Institute but has also inspired us to work with greater dedication to explore and excel. NIPS also take several initiates to give awards and recognition to students of schools and colleges and women leaders for their exemplary work in their chosen fields associating with Times of India and other Publications.


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How about having breakfast in Dubai, lunch in London, and Dinner at New York in one day or traveling to a new country every morning without spending a penny. Careers in hospitality education promise a lifestyle filled with excitement, fame, fortune, and the chance to explore the world. It seems like the perfect chance to make money and visit the world's dreamiest spots while traveling in luxury & style...

Alumni Profiles

NIPS has a strong reputation for producing the best graduates who become leaders in their chosen sphere. A successful result, a fulfilling journey are the stories being written by NIPS students every day. NIPS Alumni make a difference and professionally making a mark of their own globally.