Culinary Workshop With Michelin Trained Star Chef Michael Swamy

Event Start Date:October 24, 2019Event End Date:October 24, 2019Event Venue:Master the language of Food, Art and Style with ‘The Historian Chef’ Michael Swamy, a Michelin-trained Star Chef and a rare combination of chef- food stylist- food photographer- author also fondly known as “The Historian Chef” has remodeled the culinary industry with his techniques. NIPS brings […]

NIPS Bartending Championship 2019

Event Start Date:October 9, 2019Event End Date:October 9, 2019Event Venue:NIPS is hosting Bartending Championship 2019 on 12th June for amateurs across the city who have the creativity and innovation in them to make cocktails and mocktails. Apart from this we also have The Concoction Championship, 2019 on 13th June which is a platform for all […]