Executive Chefs

An executive chef is the head of the entire kitchen operation of a Hotel. He is in charge of all other functional chefs in the kitchen.

Cruiseline Chef

One of the most exciting places to work as an executive chef, sous chef, chef de partie, first cook, or cook trainee among other jobs, is on a cruise liner travelling all over the world.

Hospital Chef

People who are in charge of planning menu and quality control and nourishment of the food for the Hospitals.

Continental Chef

A Continental Chef experts in preparing delicacies consumed in European countries like French, Italian, UK, Spanish and other parts of Europe. Continental’ dishes which focus more on olive oil, herbs, wine, garlic, sauce, and baking.

Oriental Chef

An oriental chef is a highly trained cook who specializes in making oriental style foods such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Vietnamese food. Oriental food uses a lot of noodles and rice.

Clay Oven / Tandoor Chef

Clay Oven Chefs specialize in cooking with a tandoor, an Indian-style oven, using special sauces and spices. Tandoori chefs also interact intermingle with guest and prepare dish according to preference of guest.

Molecular Gastronomist

Molecular gastronomists use special techniques, ingĀ¬redients and cooking principles to encourage certain chemical reactions to occur which lead to amazing culinary creations,