Pub Managers

They are responsible for keeping their pubs running smoothly by handling day-to-day operations, managing resources and employees, and creating a safe, fun environment for staff and patrons.

Room Dining Managers

To supervise and coordinate daily operation of guest food orders from preparation in kitchen to service in rooms in timely manner.

Catering Managers

Catering managers lead teams of chefs and catering assistants. Catering managers are responsible for monitoring the quality of the food and service and for making sure that their outlets perform well.

Food & Beverage FMCG Representative

He is to sell your company’s products or services and would be responsible for finding and winning new customers, as well as looking after existing customer accounts

Food & beverage Controller

The primary responsibility of a food and beverage controller is to determine the consumption needs and analyze costs and trends accurately of a business’ customers. They use this information to ensure the facility has enough stock of various foods and beverages.