Heritage Hotel Managers

The Heritage Managers ensure to upkeep of the tradition of Heritage hotels which were the homes of the royalty, their magnificence of the architecture, expansive courtyard, ornamented balconies, capacious rooms and suites, rich royal delicacies etc. Managers make sure those guests are provided with warm impeccable royal heritage hospitality.

Heritage Hotel Executive Chefs

The legendary chef who are researching, preserving and bringing the royal delicacies from the ancient kitchen of Maharajas to the modern days platter.

Heritage Hotel Executive Housekeepers

The Executive looks after the royals heritage d├ęcor, ambience, linen etc and makes certain that guest experience is maintained as per the royal standards.


A person who is acquired skill and art in silver service. He is in charge of handling and maintenance of the dining room, wine cellar, and pantry and giving personalised attention to guest.

Guest Experience Specialists

Guest Experience Specialist actively engages with guest by communicating to enhance their experience and ensure that their overall experience with the establishment is a positive one.