Restaurant Consultant

A professional with a vast knowledge of restaurant operations, he/she provides there service to others who are planning to set up their own restaurant.

Wine Sales Executive

The wine sales executive will help develop sales and marketing strategies for each brand that the winery produces. They are knowledgeable and well versed with the components of wine.

Bar Consultant

He helps in setting up standalone bar or bar in restaurant. He provides expertise to upgrade and re-launch, and develop business plan, strengthen the operations, and guide & organise bar management.

Cooking Instructor

A instructor having strong technical skills in classical and contemporary cuisine, teaches the art of cooking, including food preparation, various cuisines, and techniques of cooking.

Product Demonstrator

A product demonstrator shows how to use or sample a product and helps others try it as well. Also provide product samples, coupons, informational brochures, or other incentives to persuade people to buy products.