Hospital Executive Housekeepers

The Chief of the housekeeping department in a hospital, who plays important role in caring, cleanliness, providing and upkeeping of the linen in Hospitals.

Hospital Catering Manager

A hospital catering manager is responsible for the overall operation of a catering facility in a hospital and providing food to patients according to their dietary requirements.

Hospitality Influencer

A Hospitality Influencer is a professional who uses his knowledge to review hotels , restaurants , bars, pubs etc to influence consumer and thus bring in more guest to hotel.

Ecommerce Customer Care Executive

A customer care executive tends to act as a link-man between a company and its customers and ensure excellent service standards and maintain high customer satisfaction.

Banker Customer Service Executive

Bank Customer care executives ensure that the company delivers the highest quality of service to their customers or clients by using their skills, expertise, and experience.

Retail Managers

A professional who supervise and manage retail operations of an outlet or store. They are responsible for ensuring their staffs give great customer service as well as monitor the financial performance of the store.