Mall Executive Housekeeper

The Chief of the housekeeping department in a Mall, who keep an eye on cleanliness, upkeepment and ensures that mall is spotless well maintained round the clock.

Arcade Managers

An arcade manager apart from managing smooth functioning of arcade is also responsible for the store’s revenues, customer
complaints and issues, order and peace inside the store.

Hypermart Managers

Hypermart or Supermarket Managers are in charge of handling various operational aspects such as managing inventories, recruiting staff, budgeting, enforcing safety policies, ordering products, and analyzing sales performance.

Multiplex Managers

Multiplex or Cinema managers are responsible for performing safety, hygiene, food & beverage service, making sure the cinema watcher are provided with excellent movie experience.

Food Court Manager

A professional in charge of daily running and managing the operations of all restaurants and other food & beverage establishment in a food court.

Mall Managers

The chief, who manages the entire operations of a shopping mall. His responsibility includes both the behind-the-scenes and customer-facing operations of a retail shopping centre.