Know What You Will Learn

Food Production – In this subject the student gathers knowledge and expertise about multiple cuisines of the world and learns the basic and advanced skills of preparing the food using multiple methods of cooking.

Food & Beverage Service – This department deals with the service of food and beverages and the students learns the art and develops the skills related to the service of different foods and beverages along with mixology, flaring skills.

Front Office – This department is considered to be the face of the Hotel. In this subject the students learn the most important thing in the field of hospitality and tourism, i.e. guest handling. Apart from that students learn cashiering, problem solving, night auditing, room management etc.

Housekeeping – This department takes care of all the décor and ambience as well as hygine and upkeepment of the hotel. The students are taught a very important aspect asthetic sense and make them aware of how to create and maintain a beautiful décor and a lovely ambience.

Communication – This subject teaches the students how to communicate by utilising all the effective mediums of communication with the guest. To clearly understand their instructions and deliver their best as well as speak with fluency and confidence.

Computer – Computers are the most important and many a times the only medium of operations. Computer Knowledge is very necessary for the students. The students learn to handle multiple software while brushing up their basic computing skills.

Accounts – The student learns basics of accounting and a very basic knowledge about how the book of accounts are maintained by the corporate and how does a balance sheet and profit and loss account gets formulated and also the determination of cash flow.

Food and Beverage Management – A managerial study where the students learn how to manage and increase the profitability of the food and beverage departments along with the production and quality control.

Food Costing – This subject teaches the students how to maintain the food cost at the perfect level to maintain both the factors of quality and profitability.

Molecular Technology – This Subject teaches the students to understand the nutritional value and its importance of various foods. This subject also teaches them about food safety.

Hotel Engineering – This subject teaches the students about multiple dynamics of a hotel construction and infrastructure and the fire plan, the water supply, the wirings, cooling system, gas supply, emergency evacuation plan.

Tourism Management – This subject teaches the students about multiple dynamics of the tourism industry and its functioning and multiple methods of tourism promotions.

Etiquette – This subject grooms the students from all dynamics and developing a pleasing professional personality to make the student ready for the industry.

Entrepreneurship – This subject teaches the students on how to develop their own business ideas and how to make a proper business plan and the perfect way to execute it to make it a success.

Financial Management – The students learn to understand of how to plan and handle finances and develop a thorough understanding of how the financial sector works specially for Hospitality and Tourism sector.

French – French being the highest spoken language in the world after English, the students get an opportunity to develop themselves in a foreign language to get an edge in this competitive world.